If you are currently in a leadership role at a conservative organization, or have the desire to build a new conservative organization, the fundraising winds are at your back . . . and those winds are now blowing at hurricane force!

Are you taking full advantage of this opportunity?

Now Available on DVD - The Wasington, DC training session for 140 Tea Party Leaders: Fundraising Secrets to Grow Your Conservative Organization Exponentially through Direct Mail, Internet, PR & Media Relations.

Taught by experts Richard Viguerie, Ben Hart and Diana Banister.

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Conservative Candidates Club


Fellow conservatives, our time is now.  2010 can be our year -- the year grassroots Americans rise up and drive leftist, big-government politicians right out of city halls, and state capitals, and Washington DC …

But only if our side takes full advantage of the powerful marketing tools at our disposal!

A wave is coming this November that will carry many conservatives on to victory.


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How To Make Your Tea Party More Effective, Prosperous and Legally Secure!



In January 2010, 150 top Tea Party activists from across America came to Dallas for 3 days of training and guidance from the leaders of the greatest grassroots movement in American history. Sessions were filmed, and the best will be webcast to the nation on Saturday, February 27 -- the one-year anniversary of the Tea Party. Hosted live by Michael Patrick Leahy, you'll learn from Richard Viguerie ... Bill Hennessy … Eric Odom ... Dana Loesch …Lorie Medina … and other leaders how to boost your local Tea Party’s success, and send the Washington Establishment packing! 

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Conservative Betrayed! How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause

Read the book by Richard Viguerie that explains how Big-Government Republicans gave us Obama, Pelosi, and Reid -- and what conservatives must do and must never do again.


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