“The unquestioned genius of political direct mail.”
Parade Magazine,
June 20, 1982

“… the New Right, in large measure, has sprung from Mr. Viguerie’s widely acknowledged genius at direct-mail fund raising.”
The Evening Sun,
January 19, 1981

“Richard A. Viguerie ... today recognized as a fund-raising genius.”
USA Today,
March 1981

“His allies in the conservative movement – and there are many – say he is a genius who speaks to and for a large body of Americans.”
The Wall Street Journal,
October 6, 1978

“When conservative fund-raiser Richard Viguerie last week pressed [President Ronald Reagan] to grant asylum to Chinese tennis star Hu Na, Reagan responded: ‘I’d adopt her before I’d send her back.’ Her request was granted within days.”
The Wall Street Journal,
April 8, 1983

“… a committed conservative who never takes a client or a cause that does not fit in with his right-wing convictions.”
The Washington Star,
September 27, 1977

“… he discovered a valuable knack for writing letters that caused recipients to reach for their checkbooks.”
The Washington Star,
September 27, 1977

“All of these liberal PACs are still no match for the right-wing powerhouses of Richard Viguerie and others.”
The Washington Star,
February 16, 1981

“Even his detractors, and they are on both the left and the right, admit he is the best in the business.”
The Cleveland Plain Dealer,
September 1, 1969

“Among the experts, Viguerie’s Washington-based firm is considered one of the best in the political field, even if he refuses to do business with Democratic or liberal Republican candidates.”
Donald Lambro,
March 5, 1970

“…Richard A. Viguerie … the king of political direct mail.”
The Washington Post,
July 27, 1975
“Liberal politics in America has no one to compare with Viguerie …”
The Washington Post,
July 27, 1975

“Before Rush Limbaugh, there was Richard Viguerie.”
The Washington Times,
September 20, 2003, Jim Martin

“Richard A. Viguerie, called the ‘Godfather of the New Right’ because of his leadership in raising money for conservative causes and candidates, sets the tone.”

“Viguerie is unrivaled as a direct-mail fund-raiser, a technique he has perfected…”
National Journal,
January 21, 1978
“Viguerie is Godfather, Idea Man, and Savior to a gathering band of rightists eager to fund their dreams and vexations.”
New York,
June 9, 1975
“ ‘It’s impossible to say how many groups he controls or how much money he raises for conservative candidates,’ [Wesley] McCune admits, ‘but there’s no doubt about it – Viguerie is the kingpin.’”
The San Francisco Chronicle,
January 27, 1978

“ ‘Richard has a degree of sophistication in fund-raising that no one else even approaches,’ says [Philip] Crane.”
The San Francisco Chronicle,
January 27, 1978

“… the direct-mail fund-raising industry that Viguerie virtually invented…”
The Washington Post,
June 29, 1989

“‘Richard Viguerie is a catalyst….  He is somebody who has taught the conservative movement to dress for success. He made us think in terms of winning.’”
Paul Weyrich , The Evening Sun,
January 19-24, 1981

“… an innovative fund-raiser.”
The New York Times,
August 11, 2003

“. . . one of 13 Conservatives of the Century.”
Washington Times,
December 1999

“The Conservatives’ Voice of America.”
The Washington Post

“One of the creators of the modern conservative movement,”
The Nation,
February 14, 2008

"The father of political DM [direct marketing]."
Direct Magazine,
June 1, 2008

"Republicans' top 25 inside players, power brokers, and dealmakers, 2008."
NewsMax magazine,
September 2008

"Probably the grandfather of the new media."
Christopher Ruddy, CEO of NewsMax

 “One of either the greats or the demons, depending on your point of view of the conservative movement,” 
Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, on the night of the 2008 Iowa caucuses

“Made it all possible . . . for conservatives”
The AFL-CIO News